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 First Ether is a group specialized in the trading and mining of digital currencies and has a great experience and veteran.
We guarantee our customers to enter transactions with the highest levels of safety away from trading risks and risky platforms in their dealings.


 Everyone knows that it is possible for anyone to trade the digital currency himself. But . Do all people have the experience and time to do so? of course not.
This is the summary of our services.

 We have unique plans that people call high-quality investment.
High-quality investment is not widespread and is maintained by major traders and whales.
We do this to ensure stable and long-term profits.
Yes it is great to sleep and you know that your money is growing.
We wish you good profits and investments with us

Launch Date
November 10, 2017
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- The main goal of Trade Professional is to ensure high profits and stability of business,
- while providing investors with high return on the invested funds.
- The ways to achieve this goal include using every and all possibility.
- Among them: optimization of overhead charges and operating expenses,
- enhancing the effectiveness of transactions made,
- improving the quality of the services provided and active utilization of advanced technologies of trading and mining.
- Innovations in business is an important component of the competitive advantage of Trade Professional.
-First Ether Group for invest in trading and mining.
-We are a group of trading professionals with experience in the financial markets, we seek to provide opportunities for the members of the community by including them in investment plans to enter the path of financial freedom without the need for expertise in this area.
-People who like our group only need to create a free account in our program and choose their profit plan.
-Join us do not need experience in the financial markets, but all you need is to open your personal account and then add money and put it in your favorite plan.
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