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 First Ether is a group specialized in the trading and mining of digital currencies and has a great experience and veteran.
We guarantee our customers to enter transactions with the highest levels of safety away from trading risks and risky platforms in their dealings.


 Everyone knows that it is possible for anyone to trade the digital currency himself. But . Do all people have the experience and time to do so? of course not.
This is the summary of our services.

 We have unique plans that people call high-quality investment.
High-quality investment is not widespread and is maintained by major traders and whales.
We do this to ensure stable and long-term profits.
Yes it is great to sleep and you know that your money is growing.
We wish you good profits and investments with us

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November 10, 2017
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We are a group engaged in digital currency trading and mining and also we are an intermediary between members and senior traders.
- We offer only two plans
- Scalper's plan is based on rapid trading and daily profits
- Holder's plan is whale trading and depends on the long term and get the best opportunities and will profit from them for years
Many people like to profit from currency trading and mining.
But not all of them have enough experience.
The money market is a dangerous market and needs skill, intelligence and experience
We are experts in financial markets working hard to keep your money and profit professionally
This is possible indeed, as the Service does not monitor the turnover of Funds outside the Service. At the stage of selecting Trade Groups, the Service tries to present only Groups that make real profit from operations in the cryptocurrency markets or specializing in other areas. However, the Service can’t and does not guarantee that a Trade Group is engaged in the kind of activity described on the Trade Group’s page.
In order to filter fake Trade Groups, we have developed rules that are not very favorable for creators of financial pyramids.
First. The Service requires a large payment to the Stabilization Fund. This eliminates those who plan to “grab as much as they can and quickly run away.” This term ensures long-term operation of a Trade Group. After all, before running away with Investors’ deposits, they at least need to get money frozen in the Stabilization Fund back.
Second. The Service stops accepting new deposits if a Trade Group has debts to its Investors. We know that financial pyramids exist only by paying return to previous Investors with deposits of new Investors. But this will not work at our Service.
These measures do not safeguard against crooks, but they significantly reduce risks.
You must also remember that even really operating Business Groups can stop paying returns if they commit a series of bad buys on exchange.
You should understand that high-yield investments and manipulations in the cryptocurrency markets depend largely on luck.
We strive to provide all payment methods
The member can pay money through processors - perfectmoney - payeer - okpay - solidtrustpay - coinpayments - coinbase.
We will continue to work until we provide all means of payment
-You must first open an account with us
-Then confirm your account through the link in your mail
-Choose one that suits you
-Note: You can add funds to your account and then subscribe to the plan - as you can pay directly from the payment processor to the plan.
of course not
Because we all know that the profits of this trade are volatile and not stable
You may not notice differences but are fluctuated by simple differences depending on the market situation.
Of course.
10% daily return is great if a Trade Groups has it once a year. We are perfectly aware of the real opportunities of making money on crytpocurrency exchanges. So no, we will not add a 100% fake proposal to the Service.
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